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CD Label Designer Crack is optimized to deliver and discuss layouts to some LightScribe devices and export high-resolution picture files.CD Label Designer is presently available for download for shareware. Create your CD/DVD tags eaCustomizingtomize printing designs to match your pre-cut stickers or printer for printing directly into printable is possible discs. You might even send layouts to some LigtScrib device or export them into high-resolution picture files and send them to professional printing support.


  • + Rotate shapes (star, polygon, and diamond)
    + Adjuobject positions on different DPI computers
    * Print Window with last star shape (arm depth)
  • & Allow three-side polygon (triangle)
    & Allow three-point star
    & Optimize drawing speed when moving sliders in the toolbox
  • * Problem with scaled ge fonts settings
    * Other small bug fixes

Dataland CD Label Designer Crack Windows + MAC [Key] 2022

Additionally, the “Label properties” dialogue for every new project lets you alter the width and elevation for every front and rear tag, DVD box, or company card disc label. You may make columns, place new wallpapers, lock items and add customized fields, but an actual exciting feature automatically scans the disc and makes a folder and file listing added to the tag. This tool indexes the entire content of this disc and creates a comprehensive list, with specific information for sound files like MP3 and WMA. It supports the growth of blanket layout and folds to get gem-cover, round tag disks, CD / DVD envelopes, covers for DVD / BD boxes, multipage booklets, labels for CDs as cards, or alternative formats or loaf envelopes. Dataland CD Label Designer 8.1.1 Build 817 Crack + Serial Key 2021

Dataland CD Label Designer Crack + Keygen 2022

Aside from the fact that the CD Label Designer includes several skins, the program also boasts a full help menu to direct users throughout the entire experience. The program allows you to insert images, shapes, text, and circled text from almost any new project, together with plenty of customization options, so that you can change colors, fonts, dimensions, and orientation. In addition, CD Label Designer supports adding pictures, text, circular texts, and contours. The program also enables users to organize and objectify the dimensions, angle and transects, besides customizing printing designs to match pre-cut tags.

What’s Going On?

  •  Add drop shadow to texts, images, or shapes and configure its offset and transparency.
  • Set the level of opacity of any object to get interesting “see-through” results
  • Easily arrange objects by aligning them with each other or with a label
  • Use Snap to grid options for the perfect layout
  • Read the list of files and folders from the disk, or song titles from the CDDB database
  • Read MP3/WMA tags
  • Put this list into a text object or to a label background with a customs number of columns.
  • Create Booklets of any size and any number of pages
  • Manually set exact object sizes and positions (in inches or millimeters), Wizard, for quick label creation
  •  Export designs to various image formats in any resolution and send them to a professional printing service
  • Multi-language user interface (in English, German, French, Italian, …

Key Features:

  • Layout and print any tag, not only for CD / DVD.
  • Customizable printing formats and layouts.
  • Easily alter tag size and printout place.
  • Design of printing exchanges with other individuals.
  • Boost the text format predicated on the tag.
  • Blend format styles within one text item, like in a word processor.
  • Items in a round text variant.
  • Contain playlists of files with one click.
  • Produce customized clocks and set them into text items.
  • Support for high-quality pictures with excellent resolution.
  • Insert pictures from the most well-known formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, WMF…
  • Constructed browser to search for pictures on the internet and in the local hard disk drive.
  • Optimize pictures when printing to conserve memory while preserving quality.
  • Fill out the shapes with intense colors, distinct gradients, and patterns.
  • Unique effects, for example, shadow customs and item transparency.
  • Read the Listing of files and folders in the disk or song name from the CDDB information base.
  • Wizard to instantly make tags.

What’s New?

  1. Rotate shapes (star, polygon, and Gemstone
  2. + Correct celebrity shape (arm thickness )
  3. & Permit three-side polygon (triangle)
  4. & Permit three-point star
  5. & Optimize drawing rate when going sliders in a toolbox
  6. * Problem with increased object positions on various DPI computers
  7. * Publish Window with significant fonts settings

Dataland CD Label Designer Crack + Serial Key 2022

Other features that make a difference

  • Insert drop shadow to texts, Shapes, or Images and configure Its Counter Tops and transparency
  • Establish the level of opacity of Almost Any Item to get Intriguing “see-through” Effects
  • Easily Organize Items by aligning them with each other or Using a Tag
  • Use Snap to grid options to Ideal Design
  • Read the list of files and folders from Disc or Tune Names from the CDDB database.
  • Read MP3/WMA tags
  • Place this Listing into text Item or to a Tag background with Habit number of columns.
  • Produce Booklets of any Dimension and any number of Webpages
  • Manually set Precise Object Dimensions and Rankings (in inches or millimeters)
  • Wizard for quick label creation
  • Link Layouts to Different Graphic formats in Virtually Any resolution and Deliver them into
  • professional printing Support
  • Multi-language user interface (from English, German, French, Italian,…)

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